Month: September 2014

How to create swap memory for your Linux server

Firstly we’d confirm how much memory you have on your server: free -m There’s no definitive rule when it comes to how much swap is enough, but try somewhere between 1-2 times the amount of physical RAM your server has.

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UFW Allow access to IP on a specific port

In order to allow a specific IP address to access a specific port on your server protected with UFW, issue the following command: ufw allow from [ipAddress] proto [tcp|udp] to any port [port] To delete this rule issue the following

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MySQL to CSV command line

Sometimes I need to dump the contents of a query out to a CSV file for reporting. Here’s the best method I’ve found thus far to do this on the command line. mysql –user=wibble –password wobble -B -e “select *

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